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Quality Pools
Starting at $40,000*
with FREE
Concrete Deck!

Family Fun At An Affordable Price

Our affordable concrete swimming pools offer the perfect combination of quality and value. With eight different designs available, and prices starting at just $45,995*, selecting the right option for your needs is a breeze. And if you want to add some personal flair, we offer custom elements like walls, water features, landscape, patios and spas to help you create your perfect poolscape.

Each of our 8 Backyard Fun Pool designs comes with over 20 standard features.  100% Financing is Available.


8 Pool Designs with over 20 Standard Features & Deck starting from $45,995*

Choose A Pool Design

*The $45,995 base price includes the standard features listed on this page. There are many factors that may affect the final price of the project, such as construction access, yard elevation, trees, utility reroutes and optional upgrades. See Included Features.

Pictured landscaping and furniture are not included.

Building Family Friendly Pools at Affordable Prices.
Call Us at 832-570-8257

100% Financing is Available

Standard Features

Each Backyard Fun Pool comes with over 20 standard features to make pool ownership a breeze!
Construction Supervisor

You will have a single point of contact supervisor assigned to your project to keep you informed and answer any questions you may have.

Gunite Pool Construction

80 Perimeter Pool with a strong Guinite (concrete) pool shell that is guaranteed to last a lifetime.

White Pebble Interior

Your Backyard Fun Pool comes with a long life pebble interior.

Dedicated 2 Inch Suction Line

Ensures your energy efficient pump has plenty of water.

Gunite Equipment Pad

Gives your pool equipment a solid foundation to sit on.

Pool Filter

Hayward - Easy to Clean Cartridge pool filter keeps your water clear.

Adjustable Wall Fittings

Base package includes 5 water returns to ensure optimal waterflow for your Backyard Fun Pool.

Electrical Sub-Panel

Each Backyard Fun Pool comes with it's own electrical sub-panel located at the pool equipment pad.

Grounding Wire

Your pool includes a 360 degree, copper grounding wire and electrical Ground Fault Interupt to ensure electrical safety.

Travertine or Marble Coping

Give your pool an upscale look with 3CM Travertine or Marble paver coping
(5 choices)

Exit Bench

Your Backyard Fun Pool includes 1 exit bench located in the deep end of the pool. (Up to 6' long)

Bobcat Excavation

Excavation and dirt removal by a standard Skid-steer loader.

8' access required for standard loader.

Concrete Decking

Your Backyard Fun Pool includes up to 400 SF Steel Reinforced, Brushed Concrete Decking.

Safety Drains

We will install Dual VGB Anti-Entrapment Safety Drains

Surface Skimmer

Helps to keep your pool clean by capturing floating leaves and debris.

Energy Efficient Pool Pump

Hayward - Maxflow Variable Speed Programable Pump helps keep your energy costs low.

Pool Plumbing

Base package includes 40' of plumbing run from the pump to the skimmer.

LED Pool Light

Your pool comes with an Energy Efficient full sized, 12V, color changing LED pool light to light up the nights.

Electrical Line

Your pool includes up to 100' of electrical line and conduit from the house electric panel to the sub-panel.

Waterline Tile

Your pool includes your choice of 6 inch Porcelain Waterline Tile.
(Over 100 to choose from)

Entry Steps

Your Backyard Fun Pool includes 1 Set of standard In-Pool steps in the shallow end of the pool.

Startup Service

Your Backyard Fun Pool includes professional startup service to balance your initial water chemistry.

Building Family Friendly Pools at Affordable Prices.
Call Us at 832-570-8257

100% Financing is Available

Over 25 Years of Experience Building Pools in the Houston Area!

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"From start to finish, Randall, Jeff, and their teams were amazing! They were the first quote we got out of six and they made us feel the most comfortable."

D. Ott

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