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Build Time Guarantee (2).png

Backyard Fun Pools will build your pool project in 60 workable working days or pay the client five thousand dollars. The following conditions apply.

  1. Working days are Monday thru Friday. Major holidays are excluded as working days. These include New Year's Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Independance Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

  2. Construction Timeline begins on the day of excavation and concludes on the day the pool is plastered. Construction Timeline DOES NOT begin when you sign the construction contract.

  3. Weather delay days may be added to the construction timeline. Any day that has a rain forecast of 50% or more is considered a weather day regardless of whether it actually rained. This is due to the laborers being canceled for the day if 50% rain chance is forecasted. In the event that the job site receives 1/4" or more of rain, an additional 2 days of rain delay may be added to allow the jobsite to dry out before work may continue.

  4. Some punchlist items are completed after the pool plastering is completed. These items are not part of the 60 working day timeline. These items include:

    *Cool Deck Topping
    *Fence Repairs
    *Landscaping Work
    *Jobsite Cleanups
    *Equipment Startups
    *Pool School

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